What Is The Metropolitan Jolt?

Created by a group of aspiring high school journalists, The Metropolitan Jolt or "Metrojolt" for short grew from a small high school project to an internationally student run online music publication, complete with show reviews, artist interviews, guest mixes, and music reviews worldwide. The website hosts over 2,200 original articles posted since January 2010, multiple interviews with Grammy nominated musicians, and over a million total unique views.

About The Creators

Metrojolt succeeded by the efforts of dozens of aspiring high school journalists who pushed each other to publish great content. By 2012, the website's roster of authors had grown to 15+ at which point authors took Metrojolt with them to their respective colleges. By creating new chapters regionally, Metrojolt's influence spread nationally from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Arizona, Canada, New York, and Massachusetts.

What Was My Role?

In my teenage angst, I wanted to learn all there was to know about the music business. I started producing and DJing while in high school and in 2011, I joined Metrojolt as a writer. After working there for a year interviewing artists, reviewing events, and writing album reviews, I took on the role of the website's Media Relations Manager.

I began handling most of Metrojolt's PR including social media, email marketing, and web analytics. I also managed the team's daily output of articles, coordinated media requests from industry professionals, and facilitated the arrival and development of three new members to the team. Check out my interview with the Berkeley Beacon for more on my work with the website.

As for the present, The Metropolitan Jolt has been sold to a private web investor.

If you want to view my full archive of Metrojolt content, press the link below!