What Is The Loiterer?

The Loiterer is a new online publication that empowers youth and young professionals by informing them on critical issues, current events, and 'must-knows'. By publishing digestible infographic-based content, The Loiterer aims to offer a solution to society's current obsession with instant gratification, while consistently silencing sensationalized news with unbiased content.

I created the Loiterer with my classmate Kelly Groglio as a project for our entrepreneurship class. However, we both felt that the publication could serve a larger purpose for our community, and decided to continue our work at a later date.

Why The Loiterer?

The idea for a publication that spoke to the millennial generation's attention span (or lack thereof) filled me with excitement. I saw a strong need to educate my peers on social issues as it became clear that certain important information was not being relayed to my generation from our current education system. Plus, as if the lack of information was not enough, misinformation was rampant on social media leading the way for the Loiterer's #StopStupid campaign.

What Do We Do?

I led research, content development, and copywriting for the brand. The infographic below is an example of the type of content that The Loiterer produces. The 'article' details important information regarding the 2014 Ebola pandemic in easily digestible chunks. Click the image for the full infographic and for more information on our mission, you can click the link below to go to our RocketHub page.