What is The Endosis Project?

Created by a multi-collegiate group of students in Boston, Massachusetts, the "Endosis" brand aimed to revolutionize live concert experiences. By fusing innovative mediums of technology with an interactive environment held within a geodesic dome, the "Endosis" festival participants would experience "a world within a world". Equipped with technology such as 360° projection mapping and cutting edge surround sound, The Endosis Project would combine advances in audio, visual, wearable, and sustainable technology to give fans an extraordinary experience.

About The Creators

The Endosis Project was created by 10 ambitious young college students who believed in the next generation of live entertainment. With each individual bringing a different skill set to the table, The Endosis Project became a multifaceted operation tackling several social issues from social interaction to sustainability. The project consisted of students from Northeastern University, Emerson College, and Berkelee School of Music.

What Was My Role?

I came on to The Endosis Project in the summer of 2014 as head of marketing. As the strategic marketing director, I became in charge of traditional marketing efforts and partnerships while working with the Creative Marketing Director on the brand's image and design.

I co-led the development of the brand's image and business plan, drafted emails to possible partners, created all copy for the brand book, attended conferences on behalf of the company, and created copy for PR materials. Endosis was successfully accepted into Northeastern's IDEA venture accelerator.
As for the present, The Endosis Project has disbanded its operations until further notice.

To view The Endosis Project brand book, click the link below.