I interned for Stones Throw Records during my last year at Emerson College while attending the ECLA campus.  My internship focused on Marketing Communications, but I was able to get my feet wet in multiple parts of the industry due to the label’s size.  Aside from meeting some of my idols in the music industry such as Chris Manak (Peanut Butter Wolf), Damon Riddick (Dam Funk), and Otis Jackson Jr (Madlib), I was able to work with and experience the purely riveting culture that Stones Throw has helped to create and nurture over 20 years.

Some tasks I did included industry research, online distribution, brand outlet development, mail order processing, data management, and contract analysis.  I also handled certain A&R tasks while working in the office, worked live shows, and developed a ridiculous obsession for record digging.

I interned at Stones Throw Records for 4 months.

Here’s a pic of me cheesin’ in the studio


And Snoop and I are buddies


So are me and Lionel


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