I recently finished a freelance position with Marketing Zen Group – an all purpose integrated online marketing and digital pr company.  What started as a copywriting internship quickly progressed to a full time freelance position, where I wrote articles for web blogging, optimized content for SEO, and created email newsletter campaigns, for an eclectic range of clients.

I researched and wrote content for several industries including but not limited to:

  • Real estate
  • Health and fitness
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial design
  • Eye care
  • ERP consulting


With clients ranging from Capital One Bank to Forbes Magazine, Marketing Zen Group was founded by Shama Hyder in 2009.  Since then, it has seen an average growth of 400% annually.

For a list of published articles I’ve written, see below:

Pivot International

5 Ways Creating a Prototype Boosts Your Product’s Success

5 Simple Methods to Reduce Your Production Costs

Eyecare 2020

LASIK vs LASEK Eye Surgery: Which One is Right For You?


5 Amazing Ways Sweating Heals Your Body

8 Most Essential Pieces of Equipment for MMA Beginners

This list will be updated as articles continue to be published.