For my Marketing Communications Capstone at Emerson College, my team and I worked with Capital One 360 Bank to create an integrated marketing campaign.  The purpose of the campaign was to redesign their strategy for connecting with and educating the millennial generation, while also highlighting Capital One 360’s online assets such as their learning modules for financial literacy.

My team and I created a thirty-six page plan book for the brand as well as a 30 minute presentation for Capital One 360 representatives.  Our goal was to successfully target various millennial segments with differentiated content.  Partnering with Hubspot, we used their platform and previously acquired Nielsen data on millennial characteristics to create a fully comprehensive inbound marketing campaign filled with landing pages, call to actions, and useful blog articles.  For the project, we specifically focused on our:

  1. Positioning/ Situation Analysis
  2. Overall Integrated Marketing Strategy & Plan
  3. Plans Book Development
  4. Media Strategy Execution

I acted as the chief editor and project manager for the campaign.

Below you can see several excerpts from the brand book



Click here to download the entire book!