I started working at 88.9 WERS in my freshmen year of college.  The plan was to write a couple articles for their web staff over a 3 month period but that quickly changed into a full fledged radio show.  During the time I wrote for the station, I interviewed numerous artists, including Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band, and contributed to their website with album, show, and EP reviews.  After about a month of writing, I started running my own radio show Revolutions from 12-4 a.m on Friday and Saturday nights.

As a radio host, I learned just how much charisma flows through the airwaves of the radio hosts that I listen to today.  I learned how to run a soundboard for radio, maintained studio records, advertised spots for partners, and had a great time talking about music.  Fully adopting the personality as DJ Cy on 88.9 WERS allowed me to showcase my thoughts on music to anyone who wanted to listen.  With my co-host (and DJ partner) Isaac Amerling, we were able to host Revolutions emphatically for three months.  The show had an eclectic range of electronic music so our loyal fans (mostly cab drivers) could stay up and about throughout the night with a rockin’ playlist.

Unfortunately, Revolutions was discontinued within the next couple of years.