Lovefool – Horace Gold

cwes93 2015-11-05
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It was a humid night in Boston, Massachusetts when I met this kid.  Some friends and I were ...

The Thrill Is Gone – Matthias Marlier

cwes93 2015-11-03
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Lets transition back to Freshmen year of Emerson College for a second.  There was this kid ...

DLRN Neon Noir

DLRN – Neon Noir (Deluxe)

cwes93 2015-10-21
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I’m not gonna lie, I tend to distance myself from new hip hop releases.  I’m not ...


Black Coffee – Spiritual DJ Set @ Mixmag Live, London

cwes93 2015-10-16
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But Cyrus, what are we going to listen to for this weekend?  I don’t know what I should ...


A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum (Pharrell Remix)

cwes93 2015-10-14
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“I did not have a style back then.  I was just then discovering A Tribe Called Quest, ...

Flowstate Drazn Logo

Drazn – Ride (Original Mix)

cwes93 2015-10-13
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Have you ever had that feeling when you can’t take a song off repeat?  No matter what ...


Red Bull Thre3Style: 40 DJs, 40 Turntables, 40 Mixers

cwes93 2015-10-09
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Wow. Simply superb.  Amazeballs. Magic.  Pure genius. Ok, let me explain.  Imagine going to ...

Carl Cox @ LIGHT Nightclub

cwes93 2015-07-07
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“It was made with technology, so I call it techno”  Gary Richards.  Probably the ...