Lets transition back to Freshmen year of Emerson College for a second.  There was this kid with an afro and funky demeanor I met on the floor above me the second day of school.  Music was playing, some kids were freestyling, and both him and I enjoyed listening to the talent that surrounded us.  He must have been about 6’1, towering over my small frail freshmen body and I thought “for sure this guy is a Sophomore or a Junior” but to no cigar, he was exactly my age.  Over time, as we bonded over certain Hip Hop icons like DJ Quik, we started sharing music with one another (which is simply the best way to get to know someone).  Amidst forced triples and freestyle sessions, we quickly developed a solid friendship.

Now fast-forward a couple years.  After graduating from Emerson College, Matthias Marlier has been making the funkiest beats to date.  From playing the drums at a young age to maneuvering the DAW Fruity Loops, Marlier’s inspiration comes from all types of music.  Whether its an old soul groove, jazz melody, or and blues guitar riff, no sample is safe from Matthias’ MPC….which I’ve noticed after getting several snapchats of beats I’ll never hear again.  Sometimes, some magical wind will pass by and a beat will make its way to Matthias Soundcloud for everyone to hear, but that only happens once in a blue moon.  No joke.

Anyways, this is one of those beats that finally made it online.  Matthias flip of BB King’s ‘Thrill is Gone’ sample is nothing short of epic, with his skill on the MPC shining through chopped vocal samples and scattered instrumentation.  Play it loud during your commute, spit a couple bars on it, and send it his way on Twitter if you’re feeling it.

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2 thoughts on “The Thrill Is Gone – Matthias Marlier

  • By Alex -

    respect. I don’t think I can listen to this at work or I’ll fall asleep, but I love what you did with the beats here. Very soothing. From one creative to another 🙂

  • By Confused -

    “After graduating from Emerson College, Matthias Marlier has been making the funkiest beats to date.”
    LOL he didn’t graduate

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