It was a humid night in Boston, Massachusetts when I met this kid.  Some friends and I were living at 10 Parker Hill where we threw debaucherous parties for our college student brethren on a weekly basis.   We weren’t a frat house, nothing like it – just a bunch of guys who wanted to pursue music at some point in our lives – so the house was filled with music equipment which we used to create a weird mix between a drug haven and clubby atmosphere.  A lot of memories with the Parker Hill boys….but that’s a different story for another time.

Anyways, a lot of people came through that house and one night this kid Horace Brooks walks in and starts talking about his passion for singing.  He went on and on about how we all had to stick together (meaning anyone doing music at the school), and under my hazy mask of Honey Jack and some weird amorphous alcoholic concoction a friend made that can only be described as a mistake the next morning, I excitedly indulged in the conversation yelling obscenities regarding how we would take over the world some day with our music.  That night, Horace got a bit too drunk and we lost him in the city of Boston for a couple hours….

Despite his drunken adventures, Horace is an incredible singer.  Donning the stage name Horace Gold and the nebulous genre of Pop as his vehicle, Horace is well on his way to follow his dream and take over the world with his music.  With an infectious jovial tone reminiscent of The Kooks, his debut EP – The Noise From Upstairs – will be released for free this January.  The single from the project below, aptly named Lovefool, follows Horace’s desires for forbidden love with a lesbian.  From the way she whips her hair out of the pool to the way she says his name, Horace Gold lets us peer through a multifaceted window into his life in his music.  Everyone has those days with their crush or significant other; Horace just decides to sing about it!

‘Lovefool’ was written when Gold was 18, which just goes to show how much this song means to him.  You can also feel that energy in the recording.  Join him on his lovestruck journey as he swoons you with his art of relationship storytelling while you dance along to the beat of his lovesick drum.

Check out LoveFool, then check out his video for Blind below, follow him on Soundcloud, and look back here for the debut EP in January.

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