Wow. Simply superb.  Amazeballs. Magic.  Pure genius.

Ok, let me explain.  Imagine going to a club and seeing a professional dance circle full of some of the most recognizable dancers in the world.

Now, imagine that you’re in Tokyo at the Red Bull Thre3Style competition and those dancers are DJs from all across the world who have come together to create something magnificent.  Randomly selected and sectioned off into teams of 4, DJs such as QBert, D-Styles, Jazzy Jeff, Z-Trip, and DJ Craze among others, came up with separate 16 bar scratch solos in their teams over a couple days.  The solos then got performed in a fantastic eight minute live mix combining styles from all across the globe!

The result might just be one of the coolest things to ever be filmed in DJing history on 40 turntables, 40 mixers, and six PAs.  Seriously check it out.


Yeah I know, amazeballs doesn’t quite cut it.  For the full list of DJs involved and more info on the competition, be sure to check out their website.

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