Have you ever had that feeling when you can’t take a song off repeat?  No matter what does it for you – the infectious build, a pounding kick, a growling synth – something keeps you from clicking the stop button.  That’s how I felt the first and most recent time I played Drazn’s (FlowState’s alter house-infused mechabot personality) ‘Ride’.  Take a minute (actually its 5 minutes and 20 seconds) and bless your speakers and your eardrum with this one.

Now a little bit about Drazn // FlowState since you won’t find anything on the interwebs (sorry I checked).  Amidst his travels to Menlo Park for his daily work at the Facebook campus, this guy simply loves music.  His tracks might get finished millennial style on the shuttle back to the city, but he makes genre eclectic tracks like this one with ease.  His heart though is in trance, and elements from it always seem to find it’s way into his production.  It’s that same unique edge that’s going to keep him pumping out dance floor hitters like this, so stay tuned for more from FlowState.

After you download ‘Ride’, follow FlowState on his Soundcloud! 

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