If you hang out with me, you know I like my hats.  I’ve got hats from places I’ve visited like Amsterdam and Cabo, hats from franchises like Transformers or the Golden State Warriors, beanies from labels like Stones Throw; yeah I can’t help myself when it comes to them.  It sucks because with these locks I’ve been growing for five years now most don’t fit my head but I tend to overlook that small detail.  So, when I saw this new denim hat on the market that fit my head perfectly, I said to myself “hell yeah, that’s worth $20”.  And with that, I introduce you to Curb Division, the new apparel lifestyle brand by Andy Stoffo.

Andy’s a weird kid.  Not in a “Oh I won’t hang out with that kid” way, but more like “I can’t put this dude in one box”.  A multifaceted mix of skater punk, photography buff, and extensive music head, he’s the type of guy that never wants to do something someone else has already done.

Stoffo’s Curb Division is a burgeoning lifestyle brand.  Only a month old, Curb Division currently has three items in its product line.  From custom denim hats like this


to embroidered tees


to skateboards satirizing the apparel industry giant Tommy Hilfiger brand for use solely at country clubs in New England


look to Curb Division for authentic gear to express your individuality.  Being the first item on the market, the denim hats are now completely sold out, but with a solid push here more will be sure to come.

Make sure to check out the storefront and shoot him a message here if you dig the digs!

Here’s a nice pic of Andy drinking red wine with class.


Also be sure to follow Andy’s digital outlets like his website, Tumblr, Instagram, and Flickr!  Oh and if you’re hungry, Andy works at a bagel shop in New Jersey, but its up to you to find out which one – good luck!

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