But Cyrus, what are we going to listen to for this weekend?  I don’t know what I should play….

If you’re looking for something to blast on your speakers for that friendly get together in the sun, or you just want to play video games in your house to a soundtrack, well I’ve got you covered.  Let’s start off by saying this mix right here is pure perfection.  I’m not sure if I’ve heard something thats so intrinsically complicated and complete to the key that I’ve played it 3 times in a day.  This mix is 3 hours long and yes, I played it all the way through, 3 whole times.  That’s how good it is, I’m not messing with you.  This mix is purely fantastic and the fact that the video comes along with it so you can see his workings around the CDJs and mixer is amazing.  Mixmag, well done.

But enough about me blabbering on with how great this mix is.  Let’s talk about the hero of the story: Black Coffee.  Born Nkosinathi Maphumulo and hailing from South Africa, Black Coffee is one of (if not the biggest) house musician from South Africa.  In 2004, he helped put South African’s dance music scene on the map by participating in Red Bull’s Music Academy.  Now 4 albums later, his record label Soulistic Music has churned out house tunes with irresistible dancefloor grooves, forcing you to move your feet and bop your head.  He has even worked with artists like Hugh Masekela, just to give you some insight on how versatile Black Coffee truly is.

Black Coffee – the album, was created using very basic music-making software. “I don’t know how to explain the production stages of my album because all I did was put down the basic ideas that I had, I didn’t use any MIDI controllers everything was played with a computer mouse” – Black Coffee

Check out Black Coffee’s website here.  Props go out to Mr. 415 for sending this to me.


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