“I did not have a style back then.  I was just then discovering A Tribe Called Quest, which led me to the understanding that I could be whatever I wanted to be, even if at a minimal level, it was just being different. That’s when I learned I could be different. And then my identity started to really come out. And then, right around 1990, I started having style.” – Pharrell Williams in Elle Magazine, 2013 

Christmas came early!!

Rewind the track back to 1999 when I first listened to Tribe Called Quest.  I believe my brother and I were in my basement in CT playing Zone of the Enders (if you don’t know the game, check it out here since it’s awesome) and he had put a mix tape of instrumentals together.  Tribe was fully supported by the mixes, with plenty of instrumentals from Midnight Theory, People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, and Low End Theory.  It was that type of energy that made me consider Hip-Hop and the music industry as a fun area to be in when I grew up.

But this – this was too much to handle.  For Tribe’s reissue of their genre defining LP People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm due out on November 13th, the never-aging Pharrell Williams has just put his own spin on Tribe’s anthem ‘Bonita Applebum’.  In classic Pharrell fashion, the remix sports a funkified tribal rhythm full of shifting hats, kicks and toms all surrounded by booming bass stabs.  It’s as if we’re traveling through a jungle full of wildlife with Q-Tip as the soundtrack, as we fall over in blissful reminiscence of Hip Hop’s Golden Age.

Oh there’s more.  Other than the fact that this will be a free download with the reissue, there will also be two other remixes by J Cole and Cee Lo Green.  J Cole will be blessing ‘Can I Kick It’ and we’ll see Cee Lo on ‘Footprints’.

Check out the Rolling Stone article for the full article and more information on this release.

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