Let me just be completely honest – the future is here.  Google, Facebook, Apple – they’re all at the center of it bridging the gap between us and the Jetsons.  Sure, the multitude of tech companies in Silicon Valley are definitely affecting the city of San Francisco (which I hold dear to my heart), and its a problem that should be addressed.  But at the same time, when they’re creating something like this wearable tech that responds to movement via radar, it’s kind of hard not to be impressed.

Project Soli is just that, Google’s way of introducing radar into wearable technology.  Created by Google’s ATAP skunkworks division (a division with the sole purpose of creating cool things that we will actually use), they unveiled the new tech at the latest Google I/O event.  While its still in the early stages of development, Project Soli intends to make every user interface, other than your own hands and fingers, obsolete.

The system works by incorporating a small radar into your wearable technology (such as a smart watch) and then delivers that signal through API’s in your other technology (such as speakers, your television, etc).  Of course I’m just describing entertainment uses here, but theres so much potential for this tech to be used in any industry.

For now, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.  Check out the video below and let your mind be sufficiently blown.

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