Frankly put, Cabo is the place of dreams.  Whether you’re looking for a vacation from the constantly moving life of the city, or you’re looking for a spring break get-away, San Lucas offers it all and more.  I came here to take a break from my post-graduate life of never-ending resume building and cover letter writing (for positions that don’t pay me nearly enough money for the amount of time they take away), and loved every moment of it.  In toe of my mother, father, and my brother Paul, I basked in the warm sun and relaxation that comes with Pueblo Bonito resort life, while enjoying the beauty of the world around me.


It’s easy to get caught up in your work world when living in the United States, even in my hometown of San Francisco.  Having been born in Stamford, Connecticut and attended school in Boston, Massachusetts, I’ve seen just how people living on the east coast spend their time.  And so, a message for you New Yorkers and other east coasters:

“Take some time to relax!”

Seriously, that’s what Cabo San Lucas is for – relaxation, meditation, and fun.  Hell, there’s even a resort meant for meditation called Pacifica Pueblo Bonito if you’re really into taking your mind off of things. And if you want to spend your time elsewhere, check out the beach at Pueblo Bonito Rose and go paddle boarding! Sure, its a major work out on your thighs, hips, arms, core, basically everything….but it feels amazing to treat the water as a surface on which you can travel the Earth.  Plus if you get tired, simply lie down on your board and look up at the ocean blue sky as waves crash around you, rocking you from side to side.  You’ll most likely hear shouts from announcers of the infamous bar on the beach called Mango Deck like

“Who’s ready for the wet t-shirt contest?”

“Free Shots!”

“Now it’s time for Mango’s Lapdance on Vacation!”



as you try to enjoy solitude on the ocean.  I urge you to try it all out; its all part of the Cabo experience.  And if that wasn’t enough, you can try skyboarding – an invigorating experience where you essentially fly off the water with a water vacuum propelling you into the air.  It’s not easy, but you’ll be sure to get the hang of it; your instructors will be sure of that.



As for my family, we spent our free time idling around our jacuzzi-included patio at Sunset Beach Pueblo Bonito.  Everything from tequila to Bloody Mary’s, Corona’s, and Red Label was consumed, as we explored the area around us.  Pueblo Bonito has an amazing spectrum of assets ranging from their therapeutic massage parlor to a sky pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the heights of the Cabo hills.  And when we weren’t enjoying the height of luxury at the resort – we were snorkeling of course.  Snorkeling with a crew of excited bilingual tour guides and beautiful tourists who just wanted to enjoy the grace of fish in the ocean and an open bar on a party boat.  Seriously, incredible.




Thanks for a great time Cabo, we’ll be back!












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